About Us

Day Two Pictures, based in Beirut – Lebanon, was founded with the dream
of producing smart-entertaining Movies, TV Series, Commercials and more
with positive themes and stories using high-end quality.


"Koury’s take on the immigrant experience has a fabulist “once upon a time” ’flavor similar to that in the Taviani brothers."

- Culturevulture.net

""فيلم يحرّض على الضحك من عمق القلب" لعلّ هذه العبارة الموجودة تختصر شرحاً "CASH FLOW" على كتيب الفيلم اللبناني الجديد طويلاً عن مناخ الفيلم: انه فيلم للعائلة كما صرح لنا كاتبه ومخرجه سامي كوجان ."

- Elfann.com

"More money. More problems! Carrying a hysterical comic story that will ensure Cash Flow with this phrase sum up the plot of Movie 2 Laughter for all moviegoers without exception."

- Bisara7a.com


"I didn’t know what to expect from such a film!! But I definitely didn’t expect to enjoy it this much!"

- @365.movieslebanon

Build With Passion

We started a full Feature Film Production House to create a Film-making industry in our own country Lebanon for the love and passion of Film.

Attention To Quality

We make sure to give every project it’s time and budget to ensure that the end-result is flawless.


We are always expanding, getting bigger and better at what we do. Also, we make sure that everyone who works with us will get bigger with us.


Our Services


Our team can execute any project, you name it we conduct it. Taking a glimpse on our projects, you will find Features Films, Short Films, Music Videos, TV Commercials, TV Series, TV Programs and Much More...


Co- producing a movie is not something to be lightly; in fact, it something to be done very cautiously and meticulously. Therefore, we selectively Co-Produce Feature Films and TV Series from Lebanon and any other country.


We rent High-End equipment for small short films to huge Feature Films. Our Range of choices is endless including Cameras, Lighting Equipment, Fully Equipped Catering Trucks, Full Grips and Much More...